Seven to produce new factual for New Zealand

Seven-owned Great Southern Television has sold a new medical factual series The Check-Up to TVNZ.

The 10 part series, funded by NZ On Air, will be hosted by three young doctors, and focus on ‘millennial medicine.’

“We’re looking at health from the perspective of digitally native professional doctors. Their take is radically more progressive – and future focused,” said Executive Producer Philip Smith.

“In the format, three smart young doctors conduct state of the art experiments and scrutinize long held beliefs, before reaching their own conclusions. They are doctors who think, work and interact differently having been brought up in the age of digital technology.

“We will see that these doctors are challenging preconceived notions and basically cutting through all the bull. And that’s exactly what this fresh, fun series will do – in spades. We will put old school medical myths under a new school microscope,” added Smith.

TVNZ’s Director of Content Cate Slater commented “Factual series resonate strongly with our audiences. Medical topics are of particular interest and relevance to Kiwis, so we’re looking forward to bringing a local flair to The Check-up on TVNZ in 2019.”

Seven Studios’ Director of Content Distribution and Rights Therese Hegarty commented “It is wonderful to see another significant new project from Great Southern Television. This format is a fresh take on medicine and health – a universally relevant topic. Great Southern Television was acquired by Seven Studios in January 2018.


  1. Can’t see this attracting much interest here. If I was able to have a punt on it I would lay $50 that it won’t be in the top twenty ratings after the first episode.

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