Shane Jacobson, former manager in legal stoush.

Actor Shane Jacobson is locked in a legal battle with his former manager and publicist Deb Fryers.

Fairfax reports Fryers filed a writ filed last month in the Victorian County Court claiming she had not been paid commission for work on jobs she helped set up but that began after they parted ways.

But Jacobson says she has been paid what she was owed.

The pair parted company in February after working together for more than a decade on a handshake agreement rather than a contract, with their financial arrangement “partly oral and partly to be implied”.

The article details amounts paid for Jacobson’s work including:

Little Big Shots $215,000
The Full Monty $54,000
Jack Irish $24,000
IGA ads $200,000
The Rocky Horror Show $180,000

“She has absolutely been paid every commission to do with every job that she was involved in. She’s after all my current projects,” Jacobson said.

Fryers’ lawyer, Darren Sanicki, said the case was not personal and wishes him the best for his career.

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  1. Interesting the claimed payment for the appearance in the Full Monty for $54,000.Promos had the impression all the appearances were done pro gratis for the education awareness of men’s health issues. Wonder if all the others got a similar payment .

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