Sunday Night: Sept 2

On Sunday Night Steve Pennells meets the donor dad who discovered he has 11 children.

The Family Guy
In the space of a few seconds, Ken Allen’s life was turned upside down – changed forever. The Victorian schoolteacher was on a lunchbreak when he got the startling news. He was the father of 11 children he never knew he had. Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells takes us on a highly-emotional journey this Father’s Day as Ken meets his newfound family.

Ice Cold Killers
They stand up three metres tall, can weigh 700 kilograms fully grown and have a set of menacing canine teeth superbly engineered for one thing – eating meat. Unfortunately, that includes humans. Now, that isn’t a problem when polar bears are out roaming the Arctic pack ice. But environmental change is melting the place where they live and hunt and their frozen world is shrinking. And, faced with starvation, these formidable killers are now encroaching on tiny frontier settlements like Churchill in Canada – the polar bear capital of the world. Intrepid reporter Denham Hitchcock gets a little close for comfort in this frightening encounter on the ice.

8pm Sunday on Seven.

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