TEN green lights Ambulance Australia

TEN observational series to capture the action by life-saving paramedics on the job.

TEN is proceeding with a local series of Ambulance, to be known as Ambulance Australia.

The observational series will look at the NSW Ambulance service from the NSW Ambulance Triple Zero Control Centre to paramedics on the road.

Production is underway in Sydney and will air later this year.

TEN Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are delighted to bring the Ambulance format to Network TEN. The engaging and emotional human drama has made this show a huge hit in the UK and we are sure Australian audiences will find the amazing work of the NSW Ambulance service equally compelling.”

Endemol Shine Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy said: “Through a combination of ground-breaking production techniques and inspired storytelling, Ambulance Australia reveals the incredible synchronicity between paramedics in the field and call takers and dispatchers in the emergency control centre as they face a diversity of challenges on any given shift that is nothing short of staggering. Their compassion and selflessness is breathtaking.”

NSW Ambulance Commissioner Dominic Morgan, said: “the series is an amazing opportunity to showcase the critical work of paramedics within the community. To be a paramedic is a very unique job, it’s tough and equally as rewarding depending on the day. This series is about honesty and transparency and the reality of what our very extraordinary workforce does every day.”

Meanwhile, Seven is yet to debut its new series, Emergency Call, which goes behind the scenes at call centres.

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  1. An ad promoting the up coming series, with seemingly ample of footage already in the can, just screened during Ambulance UK tonight – quite a fast commissioning, wondering it’s their Monday night soultion post Survivor?

  2. This is a great UK show, but a big part of its appeal is the understated nature of the people and their ordinariness. I worry that Ten will want to amp up the drama and create ‘stars’ of young and attractive paramedics. We will see.

  3. To me this seems like a bit of a boring commission. Was really excited by what was ten doing with pilot week, but this seems like a show that would have done well in 2003, but won’t cut through in today’s viewing landscape.

  4. I’ve been watching and enjoying Ambulance, an Australia edition will be good if they stick to the same format and production. Still waiting to see if Nine proceed with their series ‘Paramedics’ which was supposed to launch this year. If it does make it to air, it’ll be the only Nine series I would be watching all year.

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