The Adam Giles Show “in recess” after SKY News backlash

The Adam Giles Show has been suspended following a backlash over an interview with United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell.

After a day of headlines and social media criticism, SKY News boss Angelos Frangopolous has restructured senior editorial roles and put the show hosted by the former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Adam Giles into “recess.”

In an email to staff Frangopolous said editorial quality and approval processes had not met with expectations.

“Last night we had on air an appearance by someone whose views are abhorrent to me, our staff, our company and the community,” he wrote.

“What this individual stands for I personally find distressing. My own grandfather was killed during the Nazi occupation of Athens. I am deeply saddened that this interview happened on our channel.

“Sky News features wide debate and discussion from across the political spectrum and will invite guests at times whose views are objectionable, but when we do they must be held to account in the context of respectful discourse, that meets community and our own expectations.”

Following an investigation News Director Greg Byrne has been appointed to the newly-created role of Acting Program Director and Kaycie Bradford becomes Acting News Director.

“I have asked that the senior editorial leadership team ensure the production of weekend program and guest appearances meet editorial,  journalistic and community expectations.

The Adam Giles Show will be in recess as we implement the new processes and review the production format and structure of the program.”

Former Labor Minister Craig Emerson quit SKY News and politicians have considered boycotts following the interview. SKY News journalists David Speers and Laura Jayes also criticised their own network while sponsors are being targeted on social media.

SKY News Director Greg Byrnes also acknowledged, “It was wrong to have Blair Cottrell on SKY News Australia. His views do not reflect ours. The interview has been removed from repeat timeslots and online platforms.”

The Adam Giles Show has been on air since May.

Last month SKY was heavily criticised for not challenging Senator David Leyonhjelm’s remarks about Senator Hanson-Young, whilst recent channel resignations have included Greg Thomson and Samantha Maiden.

Frangopolous will himself be departing SKY News in the near future having announced his resignation late last month.


  1. Bit late for action now Angelo he seems to always react after the event .not the first time sky has hit rock bottom with airing garbage ,not good enough Sky news. Is not pay tV govt regulated can they just do as they please offend who ever they please espouse their lies and hatred when ever they please without any autheoruty allowed to touch them .To think WIN television and Bruce Gordon are Going to air garbage news on its FTA tV channel from September one this will ruin the WIN news brand if they air this garbage .

    • Well then, by your own standards you should also be boycotting ABC as Triple J interviewed Blair Cotterell, I look forward to your condemnation of ABC.

      And seeing as you are setting yourself up to be the self appointed moral arbiter of who is and isn’t allowed to appear in the media – please provide us a list of people that you also think are not allowed to appear in the media.

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