The Block pushes Bachelor back, but Bite Club slips.

Ratings: Kinne Tonight draws best Pilot crowd so far, Nine wins Wednesday.

After a loss last Wednesday The Block finished ahead of The Bachelor last night at 901,000 vs 819,000. But TEN pipped it in the demos.

Seven’s factual doubles trailed ABC offerings with Anh Do and Leigh Sales.

Both The Block and Bachelor saw big drops after they wrapped with The Weekly with Charlie Pickering winning the 8:30 slot (overruns notwithstanding) at 625,000 against 9-1-1 and Bite Club –the latter at 443,000.

TEN’s Kinne Tonight Pilot, from around 9:10pm has drawn the biggest of the pilot audiences thus far (notably from the biggest lead-in) at 404,000 and positive social media feedback. It beat You Can’t Ask That on 386,000.

SBS had a tough night with Great British Railway Journeys best on 210,000.

Nine network won Wednesday with 28.3% then Seven 25.9%, TEN 20.4%, ABC 17.9% and SBS 7.5%.

Nine News (938,000 / 934,000) was best for Nine then The Block (901,000), A Current Affair (810,000), Hot Seat (490,000 / 201,000), Bite Club (443,000) and Truth & Lies (194,000).

Seven News was #1 for Seven with 1.00m / 964,000 followed by  Home and Away (623,000), The Chase (591,000 / 388,000), Motorbike Cops (579,000), Highway Patrol (543,000), 9-1-1 (498,000), and Criminal Minds (311,000). Deception debuted with 165,000.

The Bachelor drew 819,000 for TEN then The Project (518,000 / 304,000), Kinne Tonight (404,000), TEN Eyewitness News (380,000), Pointless (265,000) and Madam Secretary (151,000).

ABC News (722,000), Anh’s Brush with Fame (652,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (625,000), 7:30 (622,000), You Can’t Ask That (386,000), Adam Hills: The Last Leg (245,000) and Think Tank (197,000) comprised ABC’s night. Tonightly with Tom Ballard was 101,000 on ABC.

Great British Railway Journeys led SBS with 210,000 followed by SBS World News (140,000), Deep State (138,000), The Employables (136,000), Food Safari Water (118,000). The Chef’s Line was 63,000.

The Big Bang Theory topped multichannels at 197,000.

Sunrise: 275,000
Today: 230,000
News Breakfast: 117,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 22 August 2018

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    1. Totally agree and yes the coffee skit was lough out loud funny to me also. Would love to see more of this show, maybe a good follow on from HYBPA on a Monday night, to make Monday a bit of a comedy night.

      1. Not all to my taste, but I loved the “things mums never hear”, and the attempt to have a tech-free weekend. I wasn’t sure to start whether I liked the stand-up vibe of the inbetween segments but I got used to them. The final scene with the laughs on the street was great too.

        It is skewed very young adult, which doesn’t quite fit if 10 want to increase their older audience, but as Kinne says himself, it does follow The Bach, so there’s your audience.

  1. I wish 10 could figure out some way to make Pointless an hour long program. I think Mark and Doc make a witty pair of hosts (especially Mark) but the half hour is really ruining it for me. I started to watch Kinne but just couldn’t take to the host !

    1. I still think they should trial this :
      5.00 Pointless
      6.00 News
      6.30 The Project
      Makes much more sense to put news and “current affairs” together. And game shows head to head. I think people would give Pointless a go if they’re a bit over The Chase and Hot Seat.

    2. The problem with trying to cram Pointless into half an hour is that its pacing is terrible. It really needs the momentary pause before the “counter” starts descending, just to give that slight worry that it might be a wrong answer. And the host does need a moment to say a proper hello to the contestants, even though we don’t need the long bios from the UK version.

      Pacing is the big problem.

  2. Haven’t watched kinne yet, good to see it is the number one pilot so far so based on that here is my top pilots so far. Looking forward to Dave, Kyle and Saturday night with Rove

    1. Kinne Tonight
    2. Taboo
    3. Drunk History
    4. Disgrace

    In my opinion all of these will go into a full season, 10 eps or more.

    There is one other but for some odd reason, I don’t think it will be as it was s*ithouse

    1. Ditto. They’ve obviously tried for a broad procedural, but the writing isn’t strong enough to exist as one, there isn’t any charismatic lead that would make you overlook the generic scripts, nor is there enough chemistry between the leads to invest in the romance angle.

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