The Feed: Aug 9

The Feed tonight features a special report on sexual assaults against foreigners in Bali, speaking to the sisters of an Australian woman assault at a local hotel.

For 20 year-old Bonnie, her birthday trip to Bali was the dream holiday that quickly became a nightmare. Two days into the trip, her older sister, Cody, returned to their room to find Bonnie crying on the bed.

“She told me straight away that one of the attendants there had followed her into the bedroom and pinned her down on the bed and sexually assaulted her,” says Cody.

In a special report airing tonight, 7.30pm, The Feed exclusively speaks to the sisters about the night Bonnie says she was sexually assaulted by a staff member at their hotel in Bali.

Far from home, without the support of friends and family, Bonnie and her sister Cody weren’t sure how to handle the situation.

The young sisters left the hotel the next day, but they didn’t feel comfortable going to Indonesian police and only contacted consular services once they were back in Melbourne. Unfortunately, their story is all too common.

Schoolies support organisation, Red Frogs, has supported nine young Australian victims of sexual assault in Bali over the past six years. The Feed speaks to Red Frogs Team Leader, Nickey Bright, who says most victims just want to come home, and don’t end up pursuing any legal action.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has received 432 reports of Australian travellers being sexually assaulted overseas in the past five years. 84 of these cases were in Indonesia.

SBS VICELAND’s flagship news and current affairs program, The Feed, continues to present hard-hitting, issues-based investigative reporting from Australia’s most diverse prime time television news team; Marc Fennell, Jan Fran, Patrick Abboud, Michael Hing and Laura Murphy-Oates.

7:30pm tonight on SBS VICELAND.

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