What did Gogglebox think of Pilot Week?

Did our couch critics skip Pilot Week too?

So what did the Goggleboxers think about the all the new shows in Pilot Week?

I have no idea. The first show of the new season didn’t go anywhere near it.

I was really looking forward to their thoughts on everything from Trial by Kyle and Taboo to Saturday Night. Given Gogglebox is a TEN show I was convinced they would make the cut (frankly there’s enough for a whole special on them).

Instead we had Australian Survivor, The Block, The Bachelor, You Can’t Ask That, Dance Boss, Bite Club, Who is America? an Aretha Franklin doco and the turmoil of #LibSpill. These were all good fun ….with a horny bulldog to boot.

Or maybe our couch critics ignored Pilot Week like some of the numbers suggest?

It’s true there is a lot of the table for the first episode of any new season, so maybe they are holding it over for a week….

The show wrapped with a tribute to the late Stuart Kidd.

It airs tonight on TEN.

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  1. I’m going to suggest that the charter says that they cannot concentrate on one network, that all the families have to watch programs from all the networks. However, even if this is so, there’s nothing to say that one family could have reviewed one of the pilots each, so you have a spread through the pilot week.

  2. I saw in the promo one of them saying ‘I want to know who finds that funny’ & was wondering what show it was & if I find it funny. Thought it might have been Skit Happens or one of the other pilot shows. I hope they do show them watching them.

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