A Current Affair: Sept 3

Tonight on A Current Affair Tracy Grimshaw goes head-to-head with newly-installed Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Viewers will be taken inside the Morrison home in the Sutherland Shire region of Sydney and get a glimpse of family life for the country’s 30th Prime Minister.

In his first at-home television interview, Morrison will respond to the hard-hitting questions from Australia’s preeminent journalist as well as taking us through the bewildering sequence of events that led the 50-year old to assume the top job at the Lodge.

Tracy will grill the PM on what his vision is for the country and how he plans to save his beleaguered party before the Federal election next year.

Morrison’s wife, Jenny, will also meet with Tracy and give us her insight into what makes her Pentecostal Christian husband tick.

7pm tonight on Nine.

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