ABC crisis: Justin Milne resigns as Chairman

Breaking News: ABC Chairman Justin Milne has resigned his position following the ongoing crisis at ABC.

The ABC Board is meeting to decide who is Acting Chairman.

Leigh Sales has interviewed him for 7:30 tonight.

Board statement:

ABC chairman Justin Milne will step down from his role effective immediately.

After discussions with the board, Mr Milne came to the conclusion that this outcome would enable the corporation to move forward, free from the distraction of the last few days surrounding the managing director.

In coming to this decision, he told the board he was motivated by the best interests of the ABC.

The board acknowledges Mr Milne’s experienced leadership and his contribution throughout his term.

The board thanks Mr Milne for navigating the ABC through challenging circumstances and is grateful for his willingness to put the ABC first in coming to his decision to resign.

Earlier: The ABC board have asked their chairman Justin Milne to step aside during an inquiry.

Milne was not present this morning when the Board met over its ongoing crisis -the seventh meeting in the last nine days.

The Australian reports Milne, a former business partner of Malcolm Turnbull, has been asked to consider his future, and at least step down while a government inquiry considers his handling of government complaints over a news report by ABC journalist Emma Alberici.

But Milne may also resign entirely amid calls for him to go. In either circumstance, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield would have to appoint an interim ABC chairman.

The ABC board comprises a managing director, a chairperson, a staff elected director and between four to six board members. The current members are Justin Milne; Peter Lewis; Dr Kirstin Ferguson: Donny Walford; Dr Vanessa Guthrie; Georgie Somerset; Joseph Gersh and Jane Conners (staff rep). The managing director, who was until Michlle Guthrie, is elected by the board.

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  1. The government needs to sell off the abc as soon as possible. Times have changed and it has no need to be the owner of a media organization with all of the other media options out there.

    If there are some special public interest funding situations required, government can fund it and outsource that to a private organization. The rare good stuff the abc does will continue and the rest of the nonsense on the abc will continue if it can stand on its own feet. Simple.

    • This is the best comment to emerge so far but probably pretty hard to sell. Twenty years ago ABC was the only station many areas could receive but as you say ‘times have changed’. ABC1 cannot find enough good content for prime time let alone 24 hours.

  2. The ABC as a whole is an embarrassing farce… this only puts the spotlight on the useless leeches on a Board that couldn’t find its rear passage with a Tom Tom.
    They are not used to actually dealing with serious issues , just maintaining the mate’s ( and I mean male and female mates ) club of cushy positions for minimum effort.

  3. Does this mean that Michelle Guthrie has a strong case for wrongful dismissal and be offered her job back? If so, the likes of Jon Faine, Sally Neighbour and others who were quick to send spiteful comments celebrating her removal will need to apologise. We’ll see.

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