AFL tops Pay TV audiences

FOX Footy’s coverage of the AFL Hawthorn v Melbourne semi-final on Friday was the biggest Pay TV audience so far this year.

A whopping 454,000 viewers (metro + regional) tuned into the game. It was also the #7 biggest game ever on Pay TV.

Another 411,000 tuned into the Collingwood v GWS semi-final on Saturday, as the #4 ranked match this year.

AFL also drew big Free to Air crowds, topping Seven’s week at 951,000 metro viewers on Saturday.


  1. I think this needs a new story David? As I believe Foxtel drew 545k for Richmond vs Collingwood on Friday night, which would make that now the top Foxtel program for 2018. Also #2 AFL on Foxtel ever, a smidge (~10k?) behind last year’s record during Richmond vs GWS prelim (wonder if that’ll be matched or beaten in timeshifting though?)

  2. any reason why we have to put up with the biased ch7 comms instead of Fox Footy comms like the nrl we get ch9 pics but foxnrl comms up til the live gf the replay is fox nrl comms why not the same with the afl

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