Airdate: All Together Now

Seven’s new singing show has been locked in for next Sunday night.

Seven’s new singing show All Together Now has been locked in for next Sunday night.

Julia Zemiro hosts with 100 performers led by Ronan Keating judging a range of singers.

Over seven heats, an array of singers and groups from across Australia will fight for a place in the Grand Final and the chance to win $100,000.

The aim of the competition is simple. Each act is hoping to get as many of the 100 on their feet and singing along. The more who join in, the higher the performer scores.

But since the 100 are a broad mix of ages, music backgrounds, interests and opinions, getting them all joining in is no easy task.

Acts will have to impress singers across every genre from pop, rap, indie, soul, country and jazz to folk, dancehall and indigenous music; A&R and talent managers; DJs; jingle and tribute artists along with vocal coaches.

There’s also opera and musical theatre stars along with a singing belly dancer and celebrant as well as a karaoke host.

They are the toughest crowd on TV and they say it as they see it. Get set for a new kind of singing show that embraces any song, any age, any style. The 100 are not looking for the next superstar – it’s all about entertainment! Who will wow the 100 and get them all out of their seats and singing along?

7pm Sunday October 7 on Seven.

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  1. Thanks for the explanation but I still don’t really get it. In essence, the whole judging is totally subjective. Any of the hundred who is having a bad (or a good) day can sway the vote, and it isn’t a big leap of logic to wonder if the producers can easily manipulate the result.

    Or is this just a vehicle to find 100 unusual people and then tick off the diversity box?

    1. All Together Now, the TV show took that name from the Beatles song of the same name, so you can add John Lennon and George Harrison turning in their graves too. 😉

      This show looks woeful.

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