Airdate: Dracula

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' short-lived Dracula sees light of day on Syfy.

US-UK drama Dracula, starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (The Tudors) will have a belated screening on Syfy from Thursday.

The series was produced for NBC in 2013 and also features Aussie Jessica de Gouw.

It only survived for 10 episodes before a stake was driven through its heart.

In an update of Bram Stoker’s iconic novel, Dracula travels to London, pretending to be an American entrepreneur with an interest in bringing modern science to Victorian England. The guise conceals the vampire’s much darker plans for revenge against those who ruined his life centuries earlier. His plan hits a snag when he meets and falls deeply in love with a woman who appears to be the reincarnation of his dead wife. Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys-Meyers plays the role of Dracula in this provocative drama.

7:0pm Thursday on Syfy.

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