Airdate: Superwog

New comedy series Superwog, written by and starring brothers Theodore and Nathan Saidden, will have its premiere on their YouTube channel in early October, 2 days ahead of a broadcast on ABC Comedy.

The 6 part series created by the duo is the first scripted series commissioned for ABC Comedy and builds on Superwog success on YouTube. Last year it was the highest trending YouTube video in Australia, in excess of 3.7 million views (90% Australian based).

Produced by Superwog and Princess Pictures, the series follows the highly dysfunctional Superwog family as they struggle to navigate life in Australian suburbia. Superwog (Theodore Saidden) is a girls and fast food-obsessed teen, enrolled in a prestigious private school. His misadventures with best friend Johnny (Nathan Saidden) often cause Superwog’s emotionally primitive, highly-strung father (again Nathan Saidden) extreme stress as he battles to keep his delusional, but fiercely loyal wife (again Theodore Saidden) happy.

Superwog first appeared as a comedy act on ABC in 2013as part of ABC2 Xmas Quickies.

ABC Comedy’s partnership with YouTube highlights both the channel’s and ABC’s commitment to strategic partnerships that bring digital content to wider audiences. The dual broadcast plan will give Superwog’s huge loyal fanbase more of the show they love both online and on TV, while also exposing a true Aussie comedy success story to a whole new ABC audience.

Edgy, irreverent and hilarious, Superwog promises its millions of online fans more of what they love… and TV audiences an experience they’ve never had before on ABC.

Superwog is a Princess Pictures and Superwog production for YouTube and the ABC with principal production investment from Screen Australia in association with the ABC, and financed with support from Film Victoria and YouTube Series. Producer Amanda Reedy. Executive Producers Emma Fitzsimons and Elia Eliades. Created, written, co-produced by and starring Theodore Saidden and Nathan Saidden. Produced by Paul Walton. Directed by Theodore Saidden. ABC Executive Producers Rick Kalowski and Lauren Merolli.

(6pm Sunday October  on YouTube)
9:30pm Tuesday October 9 on ABC Comedy.


  1. ABC “Comedy”, both main channel & the former ABC2 & overall needs a clean out from top to bottom, particularly targeting the commissioning editors & EPs. Leave the comedy to professionals like Micallef & Pickering etc (ITV, Roveing & Thinkative), mainstream viewer values & commissioned by the programming schedulers for professional & actually funny comedy without the crude language and minority focus.

        • Not everyman and his dog has over 900k subscribers, some clips over 9m plays, last year nudging 4m. It will be a niche audience which is probably why it’s on ABC Comedy. I must confess I don’t know how to address your ongoing concerns with comedy, swearing etc. but based on my years of experience it is the genre that most divides viewers. Going back to Greek Comedy, it was always about provoking reactions.

          • My concern is that comedy used to be about empathetic characters in carefully crafted predicaments to reveal truths about the human condition. Now it’s literally just people standing around swearing at random and carrying out bodily functions. The reaction such stuff elicits is based on revulsion, which is the domain of slasher horror, not comedy. Based on the other responses to this post, it seems I’m not the only one with such concerns.

          • > “My concern is that comedy used to be about empathetic characters in carefully crafted predicaments to reveal truths about the human condition.”

            It also used to be about big-breasted nurses in short uniforms, poking each other in the face, and making fun of black people.

            Things change…

            > “Now it’s literally just people standing around swearing at random and carrying out bodily functions.”

            Richard Pryor. Pete & Dudley. George Carlin. Lenny Bruce. Jimmy Carr.

            I guess ‘now’ means ‘at least the last 60 years…’

  2. Again with the random swearing in place of actual comedy. Look at me, look at me, aren’t I funny!

    The ABC seems hell-bent on only making excruciatingly bad comedy this year. First Sando, then F***ing Adelaide, then Back in Very Small Business, and now Superwog. I can’t believe these were the best pitches they got in recent times. Depressing when you consider that the reliably funny Judith Lucy and Denise Scott pitched a sitcom to the ABC that was rejected. Surely the most basic requirement of a comedy is that it is actually, you know, funny?

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