Anh’s Brush with Fame: Sept 12

In the season final of Anh’s Brush with Fame the subject is the luminous Sigrid Thornton, seen most recently on Wentworth.

She discusses her body of work, including Seachange -but what about those revival rumours please?

Raised in a politically aware household, Sigrid’s mother was involved in the movement to overturn rules that restricted women from public spaces and careers. She reflects on her gentle father’s simple upbringing that led him into the army in pursuit of an education, and the unfortunate exposure to radiation that led to him suffering chronic pain in the final years of his life.

An unusual childhood, Sigrid was bullied for her Australian accent when the family relocated briefly to London. Returning to live in Brisbane, the whole family was arrested during an Anti-Vietnam war demonstration before her love of performing sparked a career that began in her early teens.

Meeting husband Tom when she was just 18, Sigrid juggled a successful screen career in Australia and the US with motherhood, reflecting that the dips in her career allowed her the opportunity to experience more time with her children. She describes Seachange as a joyful part of her life and reflects that she is happiest when the people around her are content.

Anh hopes to capture the light and dark that Sigrid brings to her on-screen characters, noting the pressure to get her familiar face right. Will Sigrid be happy with the result?

8pm Wednesday on ABC.

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