1. Use to watch AFL Footy show weekly growing up in Melb at 9.30pm sharp. It had such energy and almost variety show like vibes going on. Then moved over to Before the Game (which is just The Project AFL). I think the footy show lost it ways when Garry and James were no longer the duo. Only seen a few eps of the front bar when I’m in Melb and is incredibly warm and engaging

  2. Just on footy shows, I thought I would put a shout out to “Over the Black Dot” on NITV on Tuesday night. A good little show that doesn’t do too much, but more than enough to get a good insight into how the different rugby league games went over the weekend. They had Latrell Mitchell on last night and I couldn’t help but think if he appeared on any of the mainstream RL shows, then he would not have said half of what he did said last night.

  3. Obviously Seven forgot to include the full title of their dating show #23 in the programme guides.
    It’s actually called Take Me Out the Back and Shoot Me.

  4. I use to watch TFSAFL as must watch every week. Last 12 months can’t stomach more than 10 mins. The Front Bar is soooo much better. They should “rest it” in 2019 and maybe being it back in 2020 with a total new look, total new cast (all young 30-35) and change the direction to a new generation.

    • I used to watch it religiously, but now watch the Front Bar too and yes it’s way better. I was flicking channels and noticed the Footy Show was on last night so watched it for old times sake. I didn’t even last 10 minutes, it was boring and just came across as a vehicle for Eddie and Sam to push their own ‘barrows’ so to speak. I’d just can it.

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