Destination WA: Sept 8

Perth’s own Destination WA has a special edition tomorrow, “Wildflower Trail” showcasing Western Australian wildflowers.

Host Trevor Cochrane heads to his first destination – Kings Park – where spring has taken hold of the bright and colourful flowers enticing visitors from around the world. Then he travels north to Mt Lesueur National Park (north of Jurien Bay) to take a closer look at the unique and endangered orchids and comes across the rare black kangaroo paw, in the only place this flower grows in its natural environment. The 30,000-hectare national park is a true paradise that covers 10 per cent of the state’s flora.

Trevor’s next stop is the Western Flora Caravan Park, home to the Acacia denticulosa, more commonly known as the sandpaper wattle. History shows the sandpaper-textured leaves were used by indigenous people to sharpen their tools.

Then he discovers nature again at its best while travelling north from Mullewa to the ghost town of Pindar, with over 500 wild wreath flowers lighting up the side of the road in their bright and vibrant colours. In previous seasons these brilliant flowers have been few and far between.

Saturday at 7.00pm on Nine Perth.

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