Fame cast to reunite

Did not see this coming….

Eight original cast members from the 1980s TV series Fame will reunite for a series of concerts in the UK and a brand new single.

They have been brought together by a super fan producing the show in aid of Liverpool’s Claire House Children’s Hospice.

Taking part are: Lee Curreri (Bruno, pictured above), Erica Gimpel (Coco, pictured below), Valerie Landsburg (Doris), Carlo Imperato (Danny), PR Paul (Montgomery), Cynthia Gibb (Holly), Nia Peeples (Nicole) and Jesse Borrego (Jesse).

Sadly the electric Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy) died in 2003.

The TV series ran for two seasons in the US (including with original film stars Lee Curreri, Gene Anthony Ray and Debbie Allen) before being axed but its international following was so successful a further 4 seasons were produced. It was so popular in the UK it led to several hit records and live concert tours by the cast.

Valerie Landsburg, said: “There is something very special about coming back to the UK for this concert. I came to London to do press in 1982 and was bowled over by the effect the show had here. None of us had any idea. Coming back again to perform feels like a perfect circle back to these roots with the fans!”

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