Farewell to NWS9 studios

Once home to Humphrey B.Bear, Ernie Sigley, Winky Dink & Anne Wills, but historic Adelaide studios are no more.

It was once home to Humphrey B.Bear, Ernie Sigley, Winky Dink and Anne Wills but the former NWS9 studios in Tynte Street Adelaide are being demolished.

The studios first opened in 1959.

At the time the cost of the land, the studio build, equipment, tower and building at Mount Lofty was approximately 300,000 pounds. Over the decades the Tynte Street site has been home to local shows including Nine News, The Curiosity Show, The Country and Western Hour, Channel Niners, Here’s Humphrey, and Pick Your Face.

The final broadcast was in 2015, as the station relocated to Pirie Street in the CBD.

Photo: Michael Smyth

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  1. I remember operating camera on the NWS9 studio crane/dolly during Telethons in the early 70’s with a bunch of enthusiastic Sea Scouts as the volunteer driving/swinging crew. Certainly a dangerous experience for all the other people on the studio floor at the time!!!

  2. Ah, that photo credit belongs to Michael Smyth (with a y). As he often had to explain when scheduling interviews on his ABC radio show. Also, a former 9 Adelaide newsreader.

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