Four Corners: Sept 17

A distressing edition of Four Corners will air on Monday.

Who Cares? reported by Anne Connolly is a two-part investigation into the failings in aged care.

“They’re all someone’s mum, someone’s dad, someone’s brother, someone’s sister. They were all young once and they’re just forgotten.” Senior aged care consultant, NSW

On Monday Four Corners launches the first of a two-part special investigation into the treatment of the elderly in aged care homes.

“I was a personal carer in an aged care facility and I’m speaking out because people need to know what it’s really like in a nursing home.” Aged care worker, NSW

In the ABC’s biggest crowd sourced investigation, we asked our audience to share with us their experiences of the aged care industry. More than 4,000 responded.

“I’m speaking up today for people that don’t have a voice.” Senior aged care consultant, Victoria

Many of those who have come forward are professionals who have extensive experience in the industry and are concerned by what they have seen.

“I believe our elderly deserve to have better care.” Senior aged care consultant, NSW

In part one of this investigation, Four Corners examines the business of aged care and what that means for the vulnerable residents left in its care.

“When they go into have a look at a facility, they do see the glamour. They might see a sing along or a coffee club or something like that. They see the glitzy pictures and they don’t know about the ground level care.” Diversional therapist, Victoria

Families have also decided to speak out, with disturbing accounts of overworked staff and neglected residents.

“Within three weeks, she was no longer the person that she had been. Nan would never want to complain about things and when I was there I would verbally bring up things with the staff. No resolution was ever evident. And so I started filming it.” Granddaughter

With families and aged care workers from around the country, Four Corners reveals the shameful lack of care and dignity experienced by many elderly Australians.

Monday 17th September at 8.30pm on ABC.


  1. My mother and father have been in Estia Wodonga since 2014. Mum passed away in 2016 and my dad is now in palative care there. Even though they are sometimes short staffed we as a family are very happy with our he treatment there. The staff are all very empathetic. Jo-Anne and lifestyle co-ordinator Chrissy are the most professional, caring and loving people to all residents and their families as is all staff. Estia Wodonga is definitely treated as the residents “Home” we as a family are very happy…. Julia Cuss

  2. Being a person that has 2 elderly grandparents in different nursing homes. I do watch these reports in horror. One is an apartment in a complex while the other needing more care has a room. The prices to get into some of these places are astronomical!
    Royal Commission is very much welcomed!

  3. Prime Minister announced Royal Commission earlier this afternoon…
    I hope general hospitals are also covered…I speak from experience….as Bette Davis said…old age ain’t for sissies…. 🙁

  4. i could be wrong but i thought they did a story on this about 5 years or so, or maybe it was 7.3 report. Whatever the case it sounds like sadly not much has changed & its really quite scary, i am single with no children or even siblings, so feel like i don’t have a hope in surviving aged care since its bad enough for the ones who have family to speak up for them. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to i may as well be here for a good time rather than a long time ;D

  5. Let’s hope that this time this important issue is not treated as a “gotcha” of a particular operator in the aged care industry as was the case when 4 Corners and Fairfax last tackled this subject in June. There are many more aspects like the so-called ‘inheritance impatience’ where adult children try to access prematurely what they believe is their entitlement by shoving granny into an unsuitable aged care home so that she can become ‘someone else’s problem’ which, sadly, happens far too often in today’s uncaring society. Unfortunately, given the ABC news department’s singularly one-dimensional previous report, I’m not holding my breath.

    • “There are many more aspects like the so-called ‘inheritance impatience’ …”

      Instead of expecting the ABC to do everything, maybe 60 Minutes, Sunday Night, or ACA could do a well-researched, in-depth, hard-hitting exposé of that side of things?

  6. My daughter is an enrolled nurse, she lasted 1 week at a “reputable” nursing home where she was rostered on a night shift and she was supposed to look after 54 residents and there was 1 registered nurse on duty who never came out of her office and when my daughter told the RN that 3 people had soiled themselves and she needed help, she was told leave them for the dayshift. Disgusting. These places are run purely for profit. My daughter never returned and is now happy working in a hospital

  7. Terrifies me….I have read many stories over many years…..and that is the issue …many older folk don’t like to complain or fear repercussions…a many with illness that does not allow them to verbalise…suffer in silence…. 🙁

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