Hands up for a Border Security marathon?

Who would watch 12 episodes of Border Security back to back?

Who would watch 12 episodes of Border Security back to back?

That’s just what 7TWO has programmed for Sunday from 7pm  – 1am.

So much for alternatives….this what multichannels were designed for?

Marathons appear to be taking over the channel with others including Annabel Langbein, Escape To The Country, Murdoch Mysteries and more than a few double episodes. And then the whole blocks get repeated again too….

But whaddo I know? 7TWO had one last Sunday night and got a 4.3% share -that’s more than SBS got.

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  1. Another question: Who would watch episodes of Border Security produced in 2004 in SD 4:3 and showing Customs officers with CRT monitors and operating cassette recorders? Well that’s what Seven is dishing up on the main channel at 5:30PM Saturday. The same few episodes have been repeated over and over.

    I have written to Seven asking why they are doing it and received no answer.

  2. > “Who would watch 12 episodes of Border Security back to back?”

    Rhetorical question, I know – but to steal a quote from ‘The Simpsons’:
    “Alcoholics. The unemployable. Angry loners. …”

    1. The bored witless!

      I must admit to sometimes being hooked when I sit down to while away a hour or two. It does sometimes amaze me the sheer stupidity or arrogance of some people when deciding what they do coming into the country.

    2. Nobody watches 12 episodes. Lots of people find an episode while flicking around, and because of the way the episodes are structructed get hooked and have to hang around till end to see how it turns out, then a 2nd and maybe a 3rd. And since they cost nothing that ads up to the most profitable thing Seven can do with the channel on Sunday. There are 2,856 of FTA a week. 99.5% is total garbage. But as long as you get to watch the 0.5% you do like what’s the problem who cares about the rest.

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