House of Cards kills off Frank Underwood

No surprises here… and no spoiling I guess given it is in a promo.

House of Cards has killed off President Frank Underwood.

In a teaser released by Netflix, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) is seen talking to Frank’s tombstone. Kevin Spacey was fired from the show following allegations and an apology for a 1986 allegation.

This week LA prosecutors said no charges would be laid over a 1992 allegation.

This is the show’s final season, dropping on November 2.

Over to you Roseanne writers…


  1. This whole thing sure gives the s3x scene in Zoe’s apartment new meaning. (season 1 episode 5 i believe it was)
    In fact all the questionable scenes in the show. They should have left him in the show, not sure why it’s OK for a law abiding citizen to play a dodgy character on screen, but not for a ddogy character IRL to play a dodgy character on screen.
    Plenty of times over history we have seen dodgy IRL people playing good law abiding citizens on screen, so the whole firing of Kevin Spacey leaves me with a lot of questions really

  2. Hmm, it reminds me about a well known former B&B soap star who when asked how he would leave the show then said he would likely be seen climbing some stairs and not come down again, that actor (Ron Moss) didn’t disappear he was just replaced, maybe that could have been an option for House of Cards though obviously fans wouldn’t have liked it, personally, I would like Mr Spacey to have had a cameo role at least just to provide a visual conclusion to his character, those invested in the show deserved to witness Frank Underwood’s fate just like viewers did with Francis Urqhart in the British version.

    • Spacey was fired in Nov 2017 and was never going to appear in S6. Urquhart was assassinated in office (by the relative of a victim in the book, by an assassin hired by his wife in the UK series). In the US show Frank had already already been impeached, and maneuvered Clair into the Presidency, where she appeared to be reneging on a deal to pardon him. So killing him off screen was the obvious option. Same for Roseanne.

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