How did Pilot week shows perform with Timeshifting?

None of the Pilot Week shows have seen big lifts in Timeshifted viewing.

Drunk History is now the best performer from Pilot Week, just pipping Kinne Tonight in ratings after 7 days of Timeshifted viewing.

None of the Pilot Week shows have seen big lifts in Timeshifted viewing, but Drunk History was best at an additional 36,000.

Drunk History
Overnight: 366,000
7 Day Timeshift: 36,000

Kinne Tonight
Overnight: 378,000
7 Day Timeshift: 22,000

Trial by Kyle
Overnight: 372,000
7 Day Timeshift: 16,000

Skit Happens
Overnight: 347,000
7 Day Timeshift: 16,000

Overnight: 277,000
7 Day Timeshift: 18,000

Overnight: 250,000
7 Day Timeshift: 15,000

Overnight: 227,000
7 Day Timeshift: 7,000

Bring Back… Saturday Night
Overnight: 198,000
7 Day Timeshift: 26,000

There were also repeat screenings of several shows. 28 Day Timeshifting is yet to be reported and Video Play Measurement.

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9 Responses

  1. It was all low brow garbage, just like other “quality” Ten product like I am a Nobody, Crapchelor etc and the ratings reinforced that.

    The fact that crappy cliche’d skit shows, drunk comedians and Kyle Sandilands was the best that Ten could serve up as pilots demonstrates that Ten have lost their way and are disconnected from audiences.

    At the moment they dont know what they are. They have no brand or identity and are desperately searching for relevance. After 5 years MacGarvie is out of ideas and for Ten to compete, The Americans need to put the broom through the dead wood at the top of Ten and she should be one of the first to go…..

  2. It’s reslly hard to pick a winner, it was like an even field of losers sadly. I don’t think Pilot week will be back which is sad as it was new and different but the numbers are horrible.

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