John Blackman out of intensive care

A progress report for Hey Hey fans with word that John Blackman is out of intensive care after 11 days.

Blackman recently underwent major surgery to remove his jawbone following an aggressive form of skin cancer, known as basal-cell carcinoma.

Peter Ford told 6PR he had spoken with Blackman’s wife Cecile last night.

“He still cannot speak, noises come out and sounds come out but you can’t understand anything he’s saying. But he is with it. He’s listening to the radio and she is reading him cards and messages,” he said.

“It’s a long road ahead. He’s now in a high care ward, before he then will go into a normal ward and then home for many months of recuperation and recovery.”

Best wishes for the recovery, Blackers!


  1. I wish him a speedy and successful recovery – this must be hell for someone who’s career has been created around his voice and speech. Sympathies to Cecile as well.

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