Oops. Simpsons spots a glaring mistake.

It’s only taken how many years….?

Simpsons producer Matt Selman has identified a mistake in the season 6 episode ‘And Maggie Makes Three.’

In a flashback scene a Marge is telling Homer she’s pregnant, but there’s a picture of Maggie on the wall.

Producer Al Jean responded writing that “canon is in ruins” and adding: “I hope you’re happy because we just fired SEVENTEEN people for that blunder. Fired. Through. Done.”


  1. What a slip-up! As Nelson would say “Ha-ha!”. Homer and Marge always have pictures of Bart and Lisa in their bedroom and Maggie downstairs. Obviously Maggie’s was forgotten to be removed for a flashback. Maybe it could be Lisa.
    David you’ve posted he instead of the.

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