Q&A: Sept 17

Next Monday Q&A is back in Sydney with host Tony Jones.

On the panel are:

Feminist icon and provocateur Germaine Greer
British journalist and Chairman of The Spectator Andrew Neil
Author and commentator David Marr
South African writer and political analyst Sisonke Msimang
People’s Panellist from Perth Elena Jeffcoat.

9:35pm Monday on ABC.


  1. ‘provocateur ‘ ….that’s an interesting word for it, i no longer have any respect for her views, she’s just a shit stirrer desperately trying to stay relevant….though at least she’s not doing it to flog a book like every other man/woman & their dog nowadays.

    • oh silly me, it turns out, she is flogging a book ‘On Rape’ ….if i had unlimited funds i would buy up all the copies & burn them & send all the ashes to Melbourne University

  2. Yep, and the ABC news/marketing department has beaten it up by issuing a media release “defending” their decision to have her on the show … except they don’t actually reveal who it was that supposedly forced them to “defend” it in the first place. Classic marketing trick in a feeble attempt to boost flagging viewership!!

    • Anything to remain relevant I suppose. Like most panel shows today it’s just talking heads and offer no solutions. And most have an axe to grind of some nature. Just more noise.

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