Ray Meagher not leaving Home & Away

Ray Meagher is not leaving Home and Away, but he is taking time out for a stage production of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

Yesterday a Daily Mail headline suggested, “‘It’s a privilege’: Home and Away‘s Ray Meagher, 74, announces he will leave his 30-year stint as Alf Stewart for a role in theatre.”

The article drew upon a New Idea story “Home And Away‘s Ray Meagher: ‘Goodbye for now.'”

The original article, as published by Seven-owned Pacific Magazines, did not indicate he was quitting the show, noting that Alf would continue to be kept on his toes in the coming months.

“Sometimes there’s a bit of trouble in there to be sorted out,” Meagher said. “Other times there are family dramas.”

A Seven source today confirmed to TV Tonight, “Ray is definitely not leaving, though will be in Brissie for few months for Priscilla.”


  1. Well he has been doing alot of ads for random things lately… but after reading your report on actors not getting paid well on long-term soaps / dramas not getting well paid…

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