Report: Showrunner sidelined from American Gods

American Gods showrunner Jesse Alexander is no longer actively-helming the fantasy drama according to a US report.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Alexander is no longer working on the drama as a writer or showrunner, and has been asked not to sit in on editing, be involved on set or participate in any other areas of production or post-production.

“Fired but not fired” was how one source described the move with suggestions Fremantle would rather exile Alexander than endure the negative attention that would come with dismissing a second showrunner in two seasons.

Alexander took over in February after original showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller were pushed out.

American Gods has a deep and complex mythology and a unique visual style that makes this series one of the most ambitious productions on television, and one that we remain committed to delivering for our audience,” a spokesperson for Starz said in a statement. “We are confident that when the fans get their first look at season two in just a few weeks at New York Comic-Con, they will agree it was worth the wait.”

Fremantle added: “We stand by our network partner’s statement and share in their confidence that season two will exceed expectations. Our cast and crew are extremely passionate about the show and have delivered something that remains loyal to the source material and true to the creative vision of Neil Gaiman. We think fans will feel the same when we share a first look at New York Comic-Con in a few weeks.”

Amid rumoured delays, a second season is now expected in 2019.

American Gods screens in Australia on Amazon Prime.


  1. From other accounts it seems production is a hot mess – something of a 5-way split between Starz, Fremantle, Gaiman, the cast, & Alexander.

    Starz wanting to be hands-off, but disagreeing with Fremantle over production & scripts. Fremantle wanting to trim the budget, & the EP who championed it at Fremantle leaving. Gaiman wanting more control, & Fremantle giving it to him to keep him happy. Gaiman re-writing scripts (he’s notorious for that). The cast re-writing scripts (?!). Alexander – Gaiman’s choice for showrunner – not being able to pull any of it together & losing his support.

    And Alexander lost.

    Pity – because it’s one hell of a story, most of the changes (some major) between book & screen fitted well, & production design (if not budget!) was well up to it.

    Can’t see it making it to the book-ending 3rd season though…

  2. I have a suspicion that the adult content may have stirred a few moral watchdogs of American TV to advocate toning down the graphic imagery even though it is done at great expense and expertise in CGI.
    I was in two minds about American Gods as it was voyeuristic which is a common theme used when exploiting sexual matters in low budget movies and TV shows that have very little else going for it, this is not the case for American Gods.Removing the original showrunner and creative team in season 1 removes the creative heart of the show.

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