Returning: Survivor (US)

Survivor fans will be getting plenty next week with the US version fast-tracked on 9GO!

It airs at 8:30pm Thursday September 27,  same day as the US, but for absolute addicts it can be seen from 4pm AEST on 9NOW (note Daylight Savings changes are on the way).

This season is themed as “David vs Goliath” pitting underdogs against those who have used their advantages in life to rise to the top. Sounds familiar!

Australian Survivor continues on TEN on Mondays and Tuesdays as it heads towards final weeks.

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  1. The US version is far superior to the Aust version. I was excited to see Russell in the Aussie version and watched only for Russell. Obviously, I stopped watching after Ep. 1 when he was voted off. Bring on the new US season!

    • Silly statement to say one is superior to the other after only watching 1 episode.
      As someone who has watched all episodes, the tribal councils have been much better because the aussies give fair dinkum comments . Stop recycling contestants. There are so many of us who would like a turn.

  2. The Things I've Seen.

    I’m curious to see how this plays out. As I believe the US version created the theme around the contestants, as often they do, where as the Australian one cast the contestants to the theme.

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