TEN denies CBS orders talent to undergo voice coaching

This is one of the more surprising news stories I’ve seen in a while…

Updated: TEN has denied a media report that CBS has ordered TEN’s news and presenting team to undergo voice coaching.

The Daily Telegraph reported seasoned professionals including Sandra Sully, Natarsha Belling, Hugh Riminton and Tim Bailey  would all have to undergo coaching under orders from CBS.

An insider told TV Tonight voice coaching has been on-going for years but this time is mandatory for news staff.

A TEN spokesperson has since said, “Historically, we do annual voice coaching with a broad range of staff including journalists and presenters. This is not a directive from CBS.”


  1. CBS probably has a policy that all on air staff have to do voice coaching, and a memo to that effect has gone out. Ten already does voice coaching but now a few people who ducked out of it won’t be. It’s just staff training, why wouldn’t you want you talent to perform the best that they can?

  2. Organisation provides ongoing training to employees. Hardly ground breaking. I assumed most people that are commenting don’t work and haven’t worked for quite some time, because the places I have worked, on going training, coaching, work shops etc etc have always been done.

  3. CBS is not that stupid to request presenters, some with nearly thirty years experience, and senior reportes at the Ten Network to undergo voice coaching.
    On air presenters are not cadets, or interns, they are professionals with their own styles. Sandra Sully, Hugh Riminton and Tim Bailey are professionals who have not only been on air but have emceed many functions.
    The Ten spokesman needs to provide to TV Tonight the list of presenters and others, who they claim, have had coaching. I challenge them to show the list!
    What a waste of money and another example of why CBS needs to have a long hard look at how the Network is being run.

  4. What??…..I watch TEN news most evenings…..nothing wrong with anyone…
    Hope they are not trying to turn our people into Americans…they have such harsh voices.

    • CBS execs are obviously getting airchecks from their new subsidiary and want it to sound more like “home”!! Many an Oz fillum/TV series has had to be dubbed for the US market.

  5. Pure speculation, but I wonder if the coaching would allow for the possibility of using ten news anchors for stateside broadcasts overnight in the states…

  6. Hopefully Seven News Adelaide does the same thing! Sick of hearing the use of words like servo, ambo’s, fisho’s, medico’s, and the use of a ‘d’ instead of a ‘t’, and how anyone can understand anything spoken by Bruce Abernathy or Mark Sodastrom is beyond me.

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