Grant Denyer, Amanda Keller for TEN’s Dancing with the Stars.


EXCLUSIVE: It’s a rolled-Gold tango for TEN with Grant Denyer & Amanda Keller about to be announced as hosts of Dancing with the Stars.

Rumours of the show’s revival have been circulating in recent months with Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey refusing to rule them out.

TV Tonight understands the show will indeed return to television in early 2019 produced by Warner Bros. Australia.

Gold Logie winner Grant Denyer, about to begin with Game of Games, will be joined by Gold Logie nominee and Living Room host Amanda Keller. Both are former contestants from the show during its long run on Seven.

While the show does not come cheap, it should help the network to a larger slice of 25-54 year old viewers (and definitely 55+) and draw upon TEN’s stable of stars hitting the dance floor.



    • Won’t be watching .. never watch anything where he is involved …. just a no-talent “look at me” person who thinks he is bigger than the show. Andrew O’Keefe the same, another wannabe

  1. … wonder how much longer 10 will be in CBS hands. According to several US reports CBS is negotiating an exit package with its CEO Les Moonves after a New Yorker story in which six women, including actresses, producers and executives, made accusations ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault against him. Without him the company will most likely go ahead with its Viacom merger which could well lead to asset sales. Hello Bruce Gordon!!

      • It could well affect 10 if they decide to sell assets which has been touted as the most likely outcome of the merger that’s on the cards if Moonves is flicked. Paramount is one of those assets mentioned and Bruce has a long connection there.

          • … and reports are that Shari Redstone wants the merger, Moonves doesn’t, and so far he’s been holding sway (complete with accusations of destroying evidence). So if he’s gone, she’s won, the merger will go ahead and the board will sell the bits she doesn’t want.

          • CJ I have reported accusations and power struggle previously. But it’s a very big leap from unproven accusations to Bruce owning TEN. Back on topic of DWTS thx. You should seek out the relevant post.

  2. If they are smart, first show should get Malcolm Turnbull on and/or Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd.

    In fact given some of the things Julie Bishop has done like the staring contest with Chaser’s, if she leaves politics I could see her jumping at the chance. Early 2019 for the show, possible Federal Election in May of that year, Turnbull, Gillard, Rudd or Bishop on the show with Hugh Riminton or even Barry Cassidy (works The Project) on it as well could get viewers attention (far enough away from the spill for Turnbull and the Public as well).

  3. Good move by Ten to add much needed depth to their line-up and provide a different alternative to MAFS and MKR if scheduled there. There are lots of potential network stars who could be used from Sarah Harris to Joe Hildebrand and Sandra Sully. Chris Brown, Stefan Dennis, Scott Tweedie, the blokes from Living Room, Osher Gunsberg, Playing for Keeps cast members, Dave Hughes etc.

  4. Grant Everywhere?

    I don’t think it’ll rate to be honest, the stars affiliated with Ten just don’t have the same pulling power as Seven, or Nine for that matter. They need a few big names from outside the network to help carry it, but I’m not convinced they’ll get them.

  5. Bit harsh. All shows have a end date some sooner later. Family Feud went for about 1200 episodes Plenty of other shows haven’t lasted more then a season in recent times

  6. Good news with this coming back. I just hope that Ten leaves the format as is (or close to it) as what Seven did. Amanda Keller is a great addition.

    I wonder which Neighbours actors and Bachelor contestants will be joining DWTS? (there is usually a soapie star and a reality star in these sorts of shows. lol)

  7. carolemorrissey

    Now this is good news, I like them both. I wonder who they will have as judges? Will they try & get Helen Ritchie & Todd McKenney or go for completely new people?

    • I would have Helen and Todd at the top of my list, wouldn’t be the same without them. Would be like Spicks and Specks when they replaced Alan Myf and Adam I feel.

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