The Cry: trailer

The BBC have released a trailer for The Cry, its co-production with ABC.

In this four-part psychological thriller Jenna Coleman & Ewen Leslie star young parents travelling from Scotland to Australia to visit family and fight for custody of the husband’s daughter against his Australian ex-wife. But when they arrive they face a tragedy that changes their lives and marriage.

The series from writer Jacquelin Perske and director Glendyn Ivin also features Asher Keddie & Stella Gonet, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Alex Dimitriades, Markella Kavenagh and Shareena Clanton.

An airdate is yet to be announced.


  1. This looks good, but i have to laugh at the different overseas papers trying to find the shows that the cast are known for ….. Alex Dimitriades is known for neighbours LOL what a shame!

  2. Glass Portcullis

    Last I heard it was due to air in the UK in late Oct [which would fit because trailers like these are generally published 6 weeks out], so with any luck it will air here soon thereafter, or possibly January.

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