The Feed: Sept 17 – Oct 4.

The Feed is the only news & current affairs show I can think of that maps out so far in advance its highlights.

Here’s what is coming up:

Mon Sept 17: Tonight: long before ‘adulterated’ Aussie honey was front-page news, one beekeeper blew the whistle. Big honey firm Capilano sued him. Now he’s crowdfunding his defence.

Tues Sept 18: Tonight: the best way to give birth. The NSW government wants 80% of births to be ‘normal’. But critics say that leads to traumatic births and caesareans are better.

Wed Sept 19: Tonight: Jan Fran sits down with feminist author Clementine Ford to talk toxic masculinity, rape culture and how to raise boys to become men who respect women.

Thu Sept 20: Tonight: after racking up songwriting and producing credits for Beyoncé and Madonna, queer Brit pop singer MNEK is going solo. He sits down with Marc Fennell.

Mon Sept 24: Tonight: what’s it like being a sex worker in Trump’s America? Laura Murphy-Oates travels to the U.S. to hear what’s changed with a ‘p*ssy-grabber’ in the White House.

Wed Sept 26: Tonight: Calley gave up a corporate career to run a social media empire from her home. But she’s no influencer and doesn’t want fame and fortune. She wants to save dogs.

Thu Sept 27: Tonight: she’s the 20 year old British singer that Kendrick Lamar and Drake can’t get enough of. So what makes her so special? Marc Fennell chats with Jorja Smith.

Mon Oct 1: Tonight: is oral sex causing young men to get cancer? Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, doesn’t just cause cervical cancer, experts say it can also cause throat cancer.

Tues Oct 2: Tonight: what happens when African refugees enter small town Queensland schools? One program does just that: counter negative stereotypes, one school at a time.

Wed Oct 3: Tonight: the companies promising a lifeline out of crippling debt and bankruptcy. Are they a force for good, or preying and profiting off desperate, vulnerable people?

Thu Oct 4: Tonight: what’s it like to live without language? Pat Abboud meets three young Australians with very different disabilities, as they navigate a world without words.

7:30pm weeknights on SBS VICELAND.

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