Veronica Mars revival gets green light

It’s official.

Kristen Bell will return as private investigator Veronica Mars in a revival with creator Rob Thomas penning the first episode.

Hulu has picked up eight episodes in the US to air in 2019. An Australian broadcaster is yet to be confirmed.

The new season will once again delve into the class divide in Neptune, California, that ran throughout the original 3 seasons from 2004. No other cast are attached as yet.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, spring breakers are being murdered, imperiling Neptune’s tourist industry. The family of one victim hires Mars Investigations to find their son’s killer, and Veronica is drawn into a mystery that pits the town’s wealthy “09ers,” who’d just as soon see the spring break crowd go away, and working-class residents who rely on the money spring break partiers spend.

Bell will continue on The Good Place which screens in Australia through Netflix.


  1. Will be intrigued how Bell goes on both shows bring it is not common in the US for actor to be the lead in 2 shows and longer seasons. Maybe the good place will have shorter seasons like to 13 or 15 episodes with Veronica Mars being the same? UK actors do it well but as we know much shorter seasons!

  2. I didn’t like the tv movie they made a few years ago. It felt like everyone was too old to play that character. I did like the show, but it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes.

    • Like ‘Buffy’ the whole point of the series was that teenagers (especially the lead character) were dealing with very adult scenarios in the hothouse of high school-it’s just not the same for a 30 year old working as a private eye in the real world, noting that the original series didn’t survive the move to college!

  3. It would be awesome if they were given more flexibility content-wise as the original series (and even the movie, inexplicably) was a bit too tame, I feel, in order to comply with U.S. FTA classification requirements.

    I hope the original series gets released on Blu-ray at some point too.

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