Wentworth fans awaiting future

Warning: Do not read until you have seen the Season 6 finale.

Warning: Do not read until after you have seen the S6 finale.

Wentworth fans are a very dedicated bunch.

Last night during the season finale they took to social media to react to the latest storylines, including a brutal fight between two of the prison’s toughest inmates and the reveal of a secret blackmailer.

The mystery blackmailer had been teased across multiple episodes with fans on tenterhooks about whether it might result in a twist of Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) being alive after all.

But it was not to be.

Instead it was an obscure return by Officer Murphy (Katerina Kotsonis) who was written out at the top of the season. But some fans were disappointed such a big build up was paid off via a minor former character:

Ehhhhh! The blackmailer reveal was soooooooo lame!

So the stalker was *cough* after all? Oh #wentworth, how underwhelming. And such lazy writing after what you’ve shown previously. Seems like the fandom put a whole lot more thought in to this than you did.

So disappointed. As soon as Murphy showed up.

Ugh!!!! That was a lame and predictable blackmail reveal. Best bit was that he “got the bitch.”

#Murphy What a disappointment Wentworth.

Sorry but that was the worst final to a season I’ve seen. Also they still never gave the results of the DNA taken from the box.

This was the WORST season of Wentworth EVER! Without the freak, bea and Frankie they don’t know what to do. Very disappointing that finale was a joke. I expected much better from the writers.

But others disagreed and were raving abut the latest episode:

HOLY HELL, I THINK I HELD MY BREATH DURING THAT ENTIRE #Wentworth FINALE!!!! Give @LeahPurcell15 a Logie now. Immediately ?? What. A. Show.

Thanks for another brilliant year #Wentworth fans!

#Wentworth still got it. Amaze balls.

What an episode of #Wentworth. Can’t believe we have to wait a year now to watch season 7…..

Sensational season finale!! Just gets better & better! Bring on season 7!! Anyone have a time machine so I can watch now!?

@Wentworth bloody hell! That final!!!! Season 6 may be equal first as my favourite season. Heart breaking too! Next season is going to be interesting. Already have some theories!!!

Is it 2019 yet?

Season 7, which has already completed filming, returns in 2019 with Foxtel yet to confirm plans beyond that.

A well-placed source tells TV Tonight that meetings were held this week discussing the show’s future, which appears to have improved following two recent Logie wins (as both Most Popular & Most Outstanding Drama).

Rumours of the show’s final season are still just that while Foxtel and FremantleMedia Australia navigate several moving parts.

While ratings for 2018 are down on previous seasons, it remains Foxtel’s #1 catch-up title. Also in the show’s favour are its international sales, including via Netflix.

Yet there are increased production expenses with the show having surpassed 65 episodes. FremantleMedia, which lacks any ongoing dramas it has created outside of Neighbours, also has an incoming CEO in Chris Oliver-Taylor who negotiated multiple drama deals as head of Matchbox Pictures.

With A Place to Call Home also ending Foxtel will be without an ongoing local drama series.

With its high stakes prison characters Wentworth has proven it can reinvent itself, notably without Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) and Joan Ferguson.

Fans are waiting to see if it can reinvent itself beyond one of its biggest challenges so far.

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  1. I absolutely loved it. I didn’t see Officer Murphy coming at all and absolutely screamed when she got shot. This show has not just learned to live beyond Bea, Frankie and Ferguson but thrived after them, too. Bravo, Wentworth. Bravo!

  2. I thought it was a great season, the transition to newer characters whilst still developing others like Vera, Lizzie and Will was seamless.

    I was totally hoping the blackmailer was going to be Slutty Nurse, I was even hoping for Smiles, but I kinda knew it would be Murphy….

    Will I be back next season? Hell Yes!

  3. Ive been a Wentworth fan from the start and every finale has made me wanting for more. But this has been the worst season so far. I struggled to watch most eps, as the writers or Producers have lost their way. The finale was bizarre that’s for sure. I’m now contemplating whether I’ll bother watching the next season. It’d be better to put it out of its misery now than to drag it out any longer.

  4. I am so glad that Ferguson wasn’t alive after all, I fear that would have been jumping the shark. Wentworth is a gritty drama, not a soap opera.
    I can’t believe that cost would be the issue to not continue with the show. It has a big following overseas, including a good following in the US. If they aren’t getting good payment for that then there’s a problem with their sales guys, not the show.

  5. What a belter of a final episode.Literally a belter!And it looks as though Leah Purcell and Susie Porter are going to be the dominant stars of the final series.It’s all set up for a fight to the death between the two of them.

  6. I thought it was great, especially when Murphy got shot …might have expected she was the blackmailer but didn’t expect that….of course they didn’t say who is in the box…..got to have some mystery to start next season.

  7. Leah Purcell in the final scene was some phenomenal acting! She is incredible and deserves an award for that!!!

    Katrina Milosevic is another incredible actress and I would love to see more of her (if in fact the rumours of ending are true)

    I loved the finale and can’t wait to see what’s next…. go girls!!!

  8. Article mentions ratings are down on previous seasons, is that for watching on non Tuesdays/Foxtel app? If my math is correct, season 6 averaged 89.5 across the season, while S5 was at 86.6 🙂

      1. I wonder how much the drop from 4 to 5/6 was caused by moving from SOHO to Showcase (I had to upgrade as Showcase wasn’t included in the package I first had) vs just people losing interest

  9. Enjoyed it and went back and watched the season 4 finale again after last nights finale.

    Still holds favorite for me (only just after season 1 (spoiler alert) and that pen and Jacs death)
    … I remember sitting on the edge of my seat (literally) and then falling off screaming “nooooooooooo” when Bea made the Freak stab her. I don’t think I moved for 10 minutes after watching it the first time

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