Why Karl is all for Today relocating to Melbourne

With Today’s ratings slipping under 200,000 for the first time in a decade of surveys, media have been speculating about major changes needed to the show.

The show’s ratings in Melbourne have been particularly concerning, recently leading to a full week’s broadcast to address them, but without impact.

A Daily Telegraph opinion piece by Holly Byrnes today suggests major change is needed, from shifting Karl Stefanovic from host to reporter role to break news stories, to relocating the show permanently to Melbourne. With the star on a mega-salary it would be a costly move to extricate him from the show entirely.

ABC’s News Breakfast currently has Melbourne to itself with all other morning TV shows produced from Sydney.

But relocating was a point Karl himself raised during a chat with TV Tonight in June.

“I think it’s the home of television. I’ve always pressured for us to do more down here,” he said at the time.

“The audience appreciates good TV and everyone in the business is really professional. Not that they aren’t in Sydney, but you come down here and cameramen watch the show, sound people listen to the show, they laugh along with the show.

“I’ve always said I would love to do the show permanently out of Melbourne -but that would probably be dramas for everyone else in the show! But I would do it here in a heartbeat.”

Indeed Karl, like Georgie Gardner and the rest of Today’s cast and crew, all have Sydney-based family. Such a mammoth move would surely lead to multiple resignations and hirings across production.

“Obviously there are other reasons why it wouldn’t work for me, but I’ve always thought it would be good to do the show from here and if we did I would come,” he continued.

“It’s not going to happen but I would love to do a show here. If you win Melbourne, you win everywhere.”

Sunrise would seem to agree.


  1. Weren’t they going to be moving to a new studio with harbour views & more access to the public? Don’t know what the big fuss over Melbourne is, Sydney is a million times better. The weather in Melbourne is ridiculous 17 one day & 40 the next day.

  2. A side issue about Today and Melbourne… When talking about the weather they always show the sunny side of most cities, making them look bright, sparkly and colourful. However their camera for Melbourne shows the back side of city buildings, the side in shadow. So even on the brightest sunny mornings, Melbourne is made to look dull compared to other cities. That really doesn’t invite support from Melbourne viewers.

  3. I agree with other posters here whereby relocating the Today show to Melbourne will not fix the underlying issues with the morning show. The problem began with Karl and needs to end with him. When he is out on the road like he was with the strawberry farmers last week he has a real and honest rapport with people. The problem is when he returns to the studio. After Uber Gate every viewer knows his thoughts on Georgie. There will be no escaping it, ever. Drastic action needs to be taken and I would suggest the upcoming Christmas Break might be the time to try something different. Like others here I would move Tim and definitely Richard Wilkins. It really is time for that bloke to move on. I use to like Sylvia but she offers no real thoughts on any subject matter and more often than not sits on the fence, far too vanilla for my liking. As for the set? Open the place up Channel 9. I’m not…

  4. Dear Karlo and team.

    I could sort out your problems in three months.
    There is nothing wrong with the hosts. Georgie and Karl have their own styles and are working well together.
    I won’t give away my strategy but I’d start by getting Dickie and Timmy off set. Dick and Tim can get out and do some straight reporting.
    Hosting stays in Sydney but more needs to done on the ground in all states, with a focus on Melbourne.
    Shows format needs an overhaul. There’s no love! People don’t need crap when they’re flying out the door, leave that for the morning show.
    Your friend
    Dark eyes.

  5. I think the ratings have shown that moving the show to Melbourne has no effect. So there must be another issue at play. I think Karl is on the nose with viewers after a string of scandals, but he’s also on contract. So 9 is in a tough place – also because they don’t really have anyone to take over. I would have said Tim McMillan but Perth let him go.

    If I were 9, I’d start rebuilding the show from the ground up, to sit between Sunrise and News Breakfast. Hard hitting with just enough gloss to appeal to people who are sick of Sunrise. And stop the stupid cash giveaways.

    • Decentralisation? So you’re implying Sydney is the centre of the Universe?
      Incidentally ABC Breakfast is starting to annoy me with the musical chairs of hosts. Where does Virginia Trioli vanish to everytime you turn around? Michael and Virginia are a great team so ,ABC management, please leave them there (apart from their holidays).

  6. Funny enough i would keep karl and georgia… and drop the rest except for Nat. News reader gone… sports guys gone and dick wilkins… gone… change the set and a few more subtle changes… problem is… i dont think 9 have any other talent. Sylvia could do something else and tim could be sent back to news or weekend sports… and dick wilkins thrown out altogether.

  7. I don’t understand what difference it makes where they do the show from. Other than Sunrise obviously in Martin Place, I wouldn’t know or really care where the Today show was broadcasting from?

    • battlestargalactica

      I agree. In an age where production and presentation are more and more centralised (WIN News, MediaHub, NEP Andrews Hub) Nine has always been obsessed with where things are filmed. “Made in Melbourne” on promos. I don’t think the average viewer gives a stuff. It matters for events like Olympics, but for everyday nationally transmitted shows it really makes no difference where they are produced.

  8. I would love to see this show moved out of Melbourne. It certainly would make the battle between the two more enjoyable to watch. I wonder how and why the morning ratings are so important. Considering the views are 600k total, its incredibly interesting how much debate goes into this. But yes, move Today to GTV!

  9. These shows are now very personality driven shows. Has Karl considered that maybe the “talent” on the show are the problem and not the location? You can change the set or whatever but Karl and Georgie will still be hosting it.

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