A Current Affair confronts the Honey Badger

A Current Affair has a pretty good get for tonight, as Reid Butler tracks down Nick Cummins in Papua New Guinea.

In a remote part of mountainous Papua New Guinea, Cummins assumed he would be safe from facing up to the disastrous conclusion of The Bachelor.

But intrepid A Current Affair reporter Reid Butler has tracked him down, and tonight at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now we ask the Honey Badger the questions the whole of Australia wants answered.

Surrounded by his mates, a fiery confrontation ensues.

Why are they so angry?

7pm tonight on Nine.


  1. carolemorrissey

    He’s quite happily appeared on The Today Show over the years now suddenly he’s shy. And that idiot who kept yelling not to ask a question I would have said to him I’m not talking to you & he has a mouth he can speak for himself.

    • That’s different. Appearances on the Today show are agreed up on. This was stalking and harassment over such a non issue. Gutter journalism at it’s best, that guy should be ashamed of himself.

  2. Really I don’t know what ACA was trying to achieve with this,as Nick had already said everything what he needed to say and his decision was quite clear for all to see end of story.

  3. Well that was a waste of time even putting to air. They got nothing out of him, the story should have been canned and replaced with an exposé on faulty hair straighteners.

  4. This is pure harassment. Fancy studying journalism only to stoop down this low. I bet they thought the people that watched that trash Married at First Sight would love this but all I see is a huge backlash against them on social media. And saying why they are so angry in the release, maybe because you are stalking and harassing them to score a quick buck.

  5. littlegezzybear

    A Current Affair should have saved on the airfares and accommodation in PNG as they could have just turned up to his appearance at Big W Erina on this coming Saturday morning.

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