ABC soap The Heights now in post-production

Upcoming ABC drama has been one of the busiest ever put together in the West.

Upcoming ABC drama The Heights recently finished filming in Perth and is in the final stages of post-production.

The hefty 30 part half hour drama by Matchbox Pictures in association with For Pete’s Sake Productions filmed two episodes a week using four or more handheld cameras in fully enclosed sets at Perth ABC studios.

Exterior shoots at various locations around Perth were usually scheduled for one day a week, all up making this one of the biggest and busiest local productions in recent times.

Set in the fictional suburb of Arcadia Heights, the action takes place at apartment block ‘The Towers’, and explores relationships, work lives and everyday challenges faced by its characters.

The cast features Marcus Graha, Shari Sebbens, Roz Hammond, Fiona Press, Dan Paris, Calen Tassone, Kelton Pell, Briallen Clarke, Bernie Davis, Saskia Hampele, Phoenix Raei, Yazeed Daher, Bridie McKim, Mitchell Bourke, Koa Nuen, Cara McCarthy and Carina Hoang.

It will screen in 2019.

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