Adelaide remembers Quentin

More than 500 people joined with govt, industry names, family & friends to celebrate the life of Quentin Kenihan.

Industry names including Ray Martin, director Georg Miller and entertainment reporter Peter Ford were amongst those celebrating the life of Quentin Kenihan in Adelaide yesterday.

More than 500 people joined with the South Australian Governor, Premier and Adelaide Lord Mayor, at the Adelaide Town Hall to commemorate Kenihan, who was born with the bone disease osteogenesis imperfecta and died earlier this month aged 43.

There were video messages from Russell Crowe, Osher Gunsberg and US singer Jewel.

Sunday’s service was emceed by friend, Filip Odzak, mother Kerry and sister, Sia, each reflecting on his life.

“In all the ways that really mattered, Quentin wasn’t handicapped at all,” Kerry Kenihan said.

Source: Seven, SBS

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