Airdate: The 2000s


Following from previous doco series on the ’70s ’80s and ’90s, SBS will premiere The 2000s this Sunday.

This begins with a double episode (but not from Ep 1).

This screened on Pay TV in 2015.

A deep dive into the decade responsible for Facebook, iPhones, and other significant cultural and political milestones across the globe. The 2000’s explores the different events of this bedazzled and denim washed decade, including technological triumphs, George W. Bush’s War on Terror, Barack Obama’s presidential election, hip-hop’s rise to dominance, and the creative renaissance in television.

Series One, Episode Four: Mission Accomplished
After winning a contentious presidential election, George W. Bush is blindsided by the attacks of September 11, and launches a global war on terror.

Episode Five: Quagmire
President Bush seeks to quell an insurgency in Iraq while seeking re-election. In his second term, he must respond to a devastating hurricane, a burgeoning financial meltdown, and his own plummeting poll numbers.

Sunday, 28 October at 8.30pm on SBS.


  1. They’ve obviously paired these episodes together as a double, due to both being politically based episodes. Will SBS be showing the remaining episodes as doubles, or singles, each week?

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