Airdate: Vet Gone Wild

Animal Planet will debut new factual series Vet Gone Wild starring Dr. Chris Brown in November.

In the series he travels through to exotic locations in Australia, Asia, South Pacific and Africa attending to wildlife.

Dr Chris Brown takes us on a wild adventure around the world as he helps save and treat some of the most exotic and endangered animals in need of medical attention in the new series, Vet Gone Wild. The wonder vet is connected to a global network of veterinarians and animal advocates who request his expertise to give care to an incredibly diverse range of species – and no matter the location or the animal, Dr Chris goes above and beyond in the call of duty. Whether it’s by boat or on foot, by motorcycle or plane, he travels to the most remote and exotic locations to help those that need him the most.

In the premiere episode, Dr Chris sets out to help some of the most infamous Australian animals. Off the Queensland coast lies Magnetic Island where he meets Ali Bee a vet from Magnetic Island Koala Hospital who rescues and rehabilitates injured, sick and orphan koalas. Dr Chris helps check that a koala, named Betty, doesn’t have a deadly disease that has been affecting koalas on the mainland. He then ventures deep into The Outback to provide veterinary care in a remote Aboriginal town being overrun by dogs and visits a kangaroo sanctuary to treat a young kangaroo with an infection.

Throughout the series, Dr Chris travels to all corners of the globe, operating on endangered rhinos in Africa, rescuing dogs from the meat trade in south east Asia and tagging the notorious and dangerous bull sharks for vital research in Fiji. He also frees fur seals trapped in fishing line on Phillip Island, helps Tasmanian Devils suffering from a rare and contagious form of cancer, treats orphaned sloths in Costa Rica, heads on an undercover mission to relocate twenty-one endangered Pangolins to a secluded forest in Vietnam, and much more. There is no animal too big or too small that Dr Chris won’t help.

Saturdays from 10 November at 7:30pm on Animal Planet.


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