All Together Now, Game of Games unable to touch The Block

Ratings: New Seven & TEN shows improve on recent numbers but nothing can knock off The Block.

Shiny new shows joined Sunday line-ups last night but neither could come close to The Block.

The Block topped the night and the demos with 1.14m, however the competition meant it was down on its last Sunday outing of 1.26m.

All Together Now pulled 813,000 which is in the same league it was getting for Little Big Shots. Seven’s move to screen to families on Sundays paid off after some disappointing results for new shows elsewhere in the schedule.

Game of Games (from 7:30pm) averaged 536,000 which also improves on recent Sunday fails and is also around the same numbers All Aussie Adventures was attracting.  On social media the show seemed to divide viewers, with some enjoying the silly fun but others accusing the contestants of being over-the-top actors.

TEN’s Bathurst 1000 enjoyed 745,000 during the daytime with 663,000 viewing the podium from 5:30pm. The Honey Badger interview in The Sunday Project also scored well for TEN at up to 620,000.

60 Minutes stayed ahead of the pack later at 698,000 over Sunday Night‘s 499,000, the last ever Rake at 493,000 and a soft return by NCIS at 296,000.

Nine network son Sunday with 32.4% then Seven 27.9%, ABC 17.4%, TEN 16.8% and SBS 5.5%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.14m then Nine News (842,000), 60 Minutes (698,000) and City of Evil (283,000).

Seven News (942,000) led for Seven then All Together Now (813,000), Sunday Night (499,000) and Murder Uncovered (284,000).

Bathurst 1000 drew 745,000 / 663,000 for TEN then The Sunday Project (620,000 / 455,000) was best for TEN then Game of Games (536,000), TEN Eyewitness News (496,000), and NCIS (296,000). Sports Tonight was just 96,000.

Due to a coding error with ABC News, Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventures led for ABC at 593,000 then Rake (493,000), World’s Busiest Cities (392,000) and Vera (334,000).

On SBS it was Italy’s Invisible Cities (159,000) and SBS World News (126,000). Dying Laughing drew just 78,000.

7TWO’s Border Security topped multichannels at 157,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 7 October 2018.

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  1. Watched Vera…I love Vera…..watched ATN …but later on 7plus…Did not even think of Games…but with no updates on TV Tonight…it totally slipped my mind…don’t think I will rush to watch it on catch up.

  2. I can see how Game of Games has its appeal but will get old very quickly – especially when it goes for so long. I’m on the fence over if I’d watch again

    That looks awful for NCIS. Was it normally that low last season for new episodes? I wouldn’t be surprised if it rated low because it wasn’t advertised outside of the station. I didn’t even see a mention of it being on on their social media pages. Serves Ten right to get low ratings if they choose to not advertise their shows outside of the network itself

  3. The wording of the Game of Games questions is annoying more than funny. The first part being basically completely non related to the question apart from one word. I know it’s in the Ellen style, but tbh that isn’t funny either.

  4. After coming home from walk, I watched a bit of ATN and had enough. Switched to GoG on Tenplay. I find it a fun show to watch despite Denyer having to explain every game. My favourite segment was Know or Go as contestants tried to answer questions without getting incorrect or buzzed out. If they were wrong, they are eliminated.

  5. Quite enjoyed Altogether Now. A bit of light-hearted entertainment on a Sunday night.
    Liked that it wasn’t overly polished and scripted and contestants weren’t heavily vetted, (like in “talent” shows such as the Voice.) Such a wide spectrum of characters and abilities made for an entertaining lucky dip of performances. Julia makes the perfect host for this type of show – she was at her RocKwizesque best. Made me realise how much I miss that show….

  6. I actually watched All Together Now and apart from them telling the contestants they were great when they clearly were not (low scores) thought it was ok…not sure if I will watch again.

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