Amid the outrage TEN wins Thursday

Ratings: Bachelor & Gogglebox combo deliver a win for TEN as Go Back Live bows out on SBS.

The Bachelor finale, in which everybody including the audience lost, helped TEN to a winning night.

The finale drew 1.01m viewers for the bulk of the show, rising to 1.24m for the Final Decision. That was well in front of a Thursday edition of The Block which proved to be TEN’s only competition after 7:30, at 784,000. An extended Home and Away (from 7pm) drew 512,000, followed by ABC’s 7:30.

Gogglebox enjoyed the big lead-in and pulled 813,000 from 9:20pm.

From 8:30 Paramedics debuted with 556,000 for Nine ahead of Grand Designs Australia, a movie on Seven and the final Go Back Live at just 172,000.

Sunrise Michael Bublé concert scored 292,000 over Today‘s 212,000.

It’s no surprise TEN led the primary channel, but with one multichannels less a network win comes much harder. Last night it managed to pull it off.

TEN Network won Thursday with 26.9% then Seven 26.5%, Nine 24.1%, ABC 14.4% and SBS 8.1%.

The Bachelor was #1 for TEN with 1.24m / 1.01m then Gogglebox (813,000), The Project (565,000 / 288,000), TEN Eyewitness News (349,000), and Pointless (229,000).

Seven News (947,000 / 890,000) was best for Seven then The Chase (520,000 / 341,000), an extended Home and Away (512,000 from 7pm) and movie: Suicide Squad (343,000).

Nine News (850,000 / 849,000), led for Nine then The Block (784,000), Paramedics (556,000), Hot Seat (468,000 / 288,000), and Chicago Med (209,000).

ABC News (674,000), 7:30 (494,000), Grand Designs Australia (460,000), Loch Ness (315,000), Sammy J (286,000) comprised ABC’s night. QI drew 161,000.

On SBS it was Tony Robinson’s Hidden Britain by Drone (284,000), Go Back to Where You Came From Live drew 172,000 for SBS then War & Peace (150,000), and SBS World News (132,000). The Chef’s Line drew 55,000.

7TWO’s Father Brown topped multichannels at 199,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 4 October 2018.

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  1. Very disappointed with Go Back Live. The format was terribly awkward and was hard to connect with any of the stories. We spent way to much time in the studio and on ad breaks. There was very little discourse between any of the cast which is the best way to disscuss differing opinions. I also felt that some of the more vulnerable people were getting taken advantage of for our viewing please, the whole show left me feeling very uncomfortable.

  2. David is there a reason you are putting the boot into Today so much? I know that I am a Today watcher & it is still a great show. I do have to acknowledge that it is more relaxed this week with Deb Knight in for Georgie. I kinda wish she could stay even though I supported her initially. The only other change they need is to bring back Stevie Jacobs permanently. Maybe with all the negative publicity everyone might start tuning in to see & see what they are missing.

    1. Don’t think my phrasing here has “put the boot” in. I often note special events, given people usually ask. More broadly the show is under massive pressure. I’d suggest copy on tabloids is more apt at the boot than my recent copy, but thanks for feedback.

          1. Meant I was going to say the same thing as Gaz. Maxxdude puts the boot in to 7 programming most days, gets a bit tiresome to read! David certainly hasn’t been unfair or unbalanced in his reporting of Today.

  3. Got home last night to “suicide Squad on TV, whoot, a movie I want to see, actually on TV..well..chanel 7 butchered it, the amount of adds made it unwatchable, you simply couldn’t get any flow, constant bombardment of adds, then upon return the subtitled parts (I assume crucial to the plot) were covered with the biggest water mark add ive seen yet…each day we are driven more and more to streaming services..it was appaling..

    1. Yeah you need a PVR to enjoy FTA movies, ad breaks are all over in about 3-5 seconds fast forwarding through them ?. Unless it’s on SBS which is a bit more barebable with way less ad breaks.

    2. Would have been unbearable as the movie without adverts had no flow anyway what with how the plot (if there was one) and story was so muddled and choppy anyway, action sequences were great but damn it was a rough movie too watch.

  4. Even though it turned out like it did, I think viewers (I know I was one) just wanted to see the unprecedented fallout, especially when Brit ‘requested’ to go see Sophie! Fantastic night for Ten, kudos.

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