Axed: NRL Footy Show

Nine has axed the NRL Footy Show ending its 24 year run.

Nine’s Director of Sport Tom Malone said: “It’s been an incredible ride for The Footy Show. A quarter of a century of laughs, controversy and first-class footy analysis. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this amazing era of live sports-entertainment television – from producers, editors, camera operators, the players, guests and of course the legendary hosts.

“Fatty holds the record for the longest serving host of any prime time Australian TV show – a tribute to both his understanding of the game, his authenticity, and not to mention his incredible comedic timing. In recent years, Erin has equally brought a new energy, perspective and showed her passion for the game.”

The Daily Telegraph reports host Erin Molan is in negotiations for other hosting roles while Nine is tipped to keep late night show 100% Footy hosted by James Bracey and panellist Phil Gould.

The Footy Show first went to air in 1994 and has won the Logie award for most popular sports programme 11 times.

But plans to reinvent the show after dumping longtime host Paul “Fatty” Vautin last year failed to ignite ratings.

Nine indicates it will launch two new post-match shows to follow Thursday Night Football and Friday Night Football, “with a strong emphasis of being at the ground, and interacting with players, fans and coaches.”

The news now puts the AFL Footy Show in the spotlight after its run of disappointing ratings and a “resignation / non-resignation” by veteran star Sam Newman.


  1. I have a feeling both AFL and NRL Footy Shows lost their appeal and a lot of viewers when they tried to be family friendly and inclusive. The original core demo moved away once things were toned down.

  2. thedirtydigger

    Perhaps the viewers just didn’t want a new host shoved down their throats, one with very little connection to the game ?
    And the fact that the Sports Boss and offer platitudes but deftly steps around the huge pile of SXXT he is responsible for…that first show was a disgrace.
    The buck stops with you Mr Malone …accept the fact you have killed off a 25 year staple, no doubt you will probably get a bonus for it.

  3. Whilst growing up it was a delight but have stopped watching as much in recent years. Vautin’s head injury and Matty Johns leaving the show were probably a couple of the turning points.

  4. Not surprised that it got axed. Just echoing what most have been saying… that the show has lost its touch of late, and should have been axed a few years ago.

    Just hope that The Sunday Footy Show and 100% Footy stay the same next year. Both are good shows.

    The post Thursday night show should be what the Friday post game one is. The commentators talking about the game, show the press conference and talk about upcoming games. No need to add anything else to that formula!

  5. Robbo the smart a** jockey was the most hilarious thing about this show in it’s heydey. I miss Robbo..

    I also always found it baffling that it won so many “Most popular” Logies despite the ratings suggesting otherwise…

  6. That is so disappointing that The Footy Show has been axed. I grew up watching that show. But I really think Nine should not have messed with how it was before axing Fatty.

  7. I think both footy shows tried too hard to be funny. Ex footy players trying to be comics is ok in small doses. The AFL Footy show should bring a real comedian like a Tommy Little, Pete Hellier or even Trev back to the Bar and and have current players as guests. They were having too many older players as regulars, trying to be comedians. Bring in Caroline Wilson and watch the sparks fly with Eddie I say.

  8. I am not surprised after what you Channel 9, did to the great show it was, and turn it into a complete waste of time and rubbish. Disgraceful shame on you channel 9.

    What an absolute train wreck of a show it was. Shame Channel 9.

    • Agreed. This show (NRL) was one of the funniest shows on Aussie TV once. Ch 9 seemed to go out their way to screw it up… I’m from SA and never followed the sport but I have been watch Fatty and the boys from almost day 1. What a shame.

      • Maev....Sydney

        Same here….not a huge sport fan….but loved the old Footy show format…the ‘new’ one was a whole different animal….just awful….another fine mess, Nine… ??

      • Shows are often of their time though and need to evolve in order to survive. You really think that the show would have lasted 25 years if they just kept at it with players in dresses performing silly skits?

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