1. I love the UK Ambulance format, it genuinely had me in tears at various moments – unflinching and raw.
    I’m very glad that the Australian version has followed the same path. I have a friend who is a paramedic and I know of his frustration with the system, so I really hope that this program highlights the endemic problems with our health services.

  2. Hello David and everyone, I was wondering if you could please let us know how The Problem With Apu rated on SBS Viceland, it was certainly a thought-provoking and enjoyable watch. Thanks.

  3. David, how did the new ‘Charmed’ do please? Looking at the IMDB page almost all the reviews were deeply negative and eve the few positive ones were generally qualified-was also a strange programming choice to show an original ep later at 10.30 (although it’s been on air constantly on 11 for the last 8-10 years in various slots).

    • Both Charmed and Supernatural must have been done really bad as Elevens share was down 0.5% from last Tuesday. I am glad Charmed as a huge fan of the original. I heard that the episode was really rushed, the acting was bad and they were really preachy about feminism and the me too movement. Nobody asked for this reboot and the fact that they are encoring it tonight means the ratings were really bad. Even in the US the ratings were nothing special.

  4. We were hooked on Ambulance Australia in our household – very well-made. I forgot about Big Bang dammit – on 9Now, they had all of season 11 so I did a binge during my holidays – I’ll have to do a catch up!!

  5. I am glad to read Ambulance Australia debut well. I don’t understand the saturation of the same type of show with 7 and 9 having (what I believe to be) a similar premise and I was wondering 10s version would rate poor given they have started around the same time . Good on 10. I didn’t watch it myself (waiting for The Block to finish) but I have tuned into the UK version that is well produced that and focuses on the ambulance services not the patients. I briefly saw an ad the 9 ambulance show and didn’t like the ‘interviewing patients’ model…just my opinion 🙂

  6. Ambulance Australia is probably the best show TEN has put out in years. Fair enough it’s a UK format but the Australian version held its own. Ambulance is the only reality you need – not contrived shows like The Block, Bachelor, MKR – real people, saving real lives, showcasing genuine compassion and care for others.

  7. Thoughts on FBI?

    I enjoyed it, I think I’ve become used to the cinematics of new Dr Who and thought the image tone could have been improved for FBI. Cast seem thrilled to be taking on edgier roles than they’ve previously been typecast as.

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