Brooke walks out on Badge-lor

"I need to go home" a series favourite tells Nick Cummins just short of the finish line.

Bachelor finalist Brooke Burton left fans reeling last night after dramatically walking out on Nick Cummins in the penultimate episode of the series.

“I came here to fall in love… I need a guy that knows what he wants and can tell me that’s me,” she said.

“I need to go home.”

“I’m not going to stand in your way as much as I want to because my respect for you and how much I care for you outweighs the selfishness of me wanting you to be out here,” Nick replied.

Brooke has also told TV Week, “Nick wasn’t giving me the clarification I needed, either. I love having certainty in a relationship and I need to know that person wants to be with me.

“I understand the nature of the show but it’s my life as well. I would be the one in a relationship; it’s my feelings and emotions.”

Her departure, which undoubtedly puts her in contention to star in a Bachelorette series, leaves property valuer Sophie Tieman and radiographer Brittany Hockley in the running for tonight’s final.

But media speculation is rife Cummins has already moved on from the show’s winner.

Earlier this week he headed to Papua New Guinea to trek the Kokoda trail, oddly out of media range.

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  1. Nice guy but he was never there to fall in love. He has shown very little interest in any of the girls and the comedy routine can only take you so far.
    Brooke did the right thing by jumping ship.
    Agree natedog99, I think we’re about to see our first Bachelor walk away without a girl.

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