Das Boot cruises to SBS

SBS has picked up the TV version inspired by Germany's epic 1981 movie.

SBS has picked up the TV version of Das Boot, inspired by Wolfgang Petersen’s epic 1981 movie adaptation of Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s novel.

The co-production between Sky and Bavaria Fiction centres on a German U-boat in the Second World War.

The 6 part series is directed by Andreas Prochaska (The Dark Valley) and written by Tony Saint (Strike Back) and Johannes W Betz (Die Cleveren).

It premieres in Europe in late November. An Australian airdate is yet to be announced.

Source: C21

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  1. Those with an interest in WW2 will be tuning into this show as will the fans of the original movie, it should be a uncomfortably tense production to watch and not one for viewers with a claustrophobic disposition.
    I will be interested if this show ever gets released in Dolby Atmos, there a great opportunity here if you remember the depth charge attack in the movie U571.

  2. It’s an irony that in the centenary year of the Great War ending that no one is covering the 1st submarine campaign that covered all the issues that ‘The Boat’ did but 20 years or so earlier.

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