Erik Thomson: “It’s been a blast”

800 Words star thanks fans, but had wanted the show to jump ahead a year and continue.

Erik Thomson has thanked loyal fans after 800 Words wrapped up last night.

Travelling through South Australia he posted on Instagram, “This is where I am at the moment, Arkaroola SA, and have happened upon a small pool of wi-fi so will quickly thank all our 800 Words audience in Australia for being such passionate and loyal viewers…it’s been a blast and I’m obviously a bit sad it had to come to an end but such is the nature of this business. Thanks to (South Pacific Pictures) and of course Channel 7 for giving us such a great run.”

It comes after he recently spoke out against the Seven / TVNZ show folding.

800 Words could have run for more seasons,” he told TV Week.

“The plan was to jump ahead a year to see how things panned out, but that’s not going to happen, unfortunately.

“Networks these days are interested in the shiny new ball, but not always in ways to keep that ball shiny.”

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  1. Viewers are the ones attracted to the shiny new balls, and with peak TV they have an effectively infinite number to choose from. Not enough younger viewers were prepared to sit through 20 minutes of ads and promos to watch an hour of S3, which was a bit tired. 800 Words was the best Aus/NZ drama of the last few years, but 425k older viewers on 7, just wasn’t enough to fund it. It’s the same as for A Place To Call Home.

  2. I loved this show and can’t believe we only got 3 seasons out of it. I liked the stories and the people of Weld.

    The way they wrapped up the finale was great. The end was really good, but it’s a shame the show has finished. I will miss it.

  3. After mentioning we were tired of the series, the 3rd last episode was a bloody good one. Our 800 Words binge now has just one episode to go.

    1. Agreed. After some lighter-weight storylines (which I also enjoy) suddenly we were given one of the best episodes of the whole show, with an amazing exploration of the nature of victims of crime and their hard decisions about forgiveness and justice. Kudos to however wrote that episode.

  4. Out of curiosity, in light of Erik’s passionate interviews about the final ever episode, was he a producer or had some creative influence on the show at all?

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