“Excuse me, sorry, thank you.”

SBS reporter Omar Dabbagh kept his cool when a Live cross to SBS World News was met by a silent protester.

Dabbagh soldiered on through the report as the smiling woman wearing a “Sack Alan Jones” hat invading his personal space.

“Excuse me, sorry, thank you,” he said.

On social media Dabbagh was widely praised for his professionalism


  1. there are strict guide lines at what can and can’t be shown, wasn’t the samsung thing pictures only?
    they are advertising a horse race ….. basically gambling!

  2. what are they protesting gambling cause thats what built in the first place , advertising samsung the wallabies the ashes destination nsw use it vivd festival and fireworks. so what is the protest about cause either it can be used or nothing can be put on it cannot have it both ways

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