Friday Flashback: Kerry Packer

“Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer. I appear here this afternoon reluctantly.”

A flashback today to 1991 when a Nine magnate denied having secret control over the editorial of Fairfax papers.

“I am not going to run John Fairfax’s… and what’s more I don’t want to.”


  1. I really enjoyed watching that again, love or hate him, he was always frank so you always knew where you stood. He was right about changing laws, governments should be forced to go over old laws on a regular basis, with the idea being to repeal anything that is no longer appropriate, instead we just get more laws and more and more confused.

    And the line about minimizing tax is still priceless today.

  2. Fantastic to see Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer putting the politicians back in their box. Disappointgly, his castigations have been for nought. Right now, our parliament has 68 committees and 125 enquiries in operation. That’s a huge number of highly-paid politicians wasting their time on meaningless enquiries that will, ultimately, result in recommendations that are based on political bias rather than informed choices. I yearn for the days when Australia had the likes of Kerry Packer to keep the politicians honest.

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